Gary Birnie | UX Designer



UX Process




1. Discovery

  • User reviews of the app 
  • Existing app observations
  • Competitor analysis

2. Wireframes/Lo-fi Designs

  • Feature list
  • Sketches
  • Components

3. High fidelity designs

  • Layer everything correctly
  • How many pages?
  • Follow material design?


User reviews


Emma Dougherty

Really like the app and have been using it every day for a while now. Very easy to use! Great layout and easy to follow. My only issue? New meals to be added daily to keep it interesting! Gets a bit boring otherwise


Kath Bleach

Needs more meat recipes but otherwise ok . also would be good if there were options for 1 or 2 people when shopping from the app


Sally Trueman

Recipes serve too many! Recipes look lovely but why are they all for four or more adults? The scheme is 'One You' so surely better to have serves 1 recipes that can be multiplied than trying to divide big quantities. The porridge serves 6 adults!!


Mark F

Looks ok for a "Typical" family of 4 as mostly the recipes are for 4. But as a single person none I could see were practical for me so the App is irrelevant.


Tereza Shortall

An app called One You only has recipes for 4 people? Eggs Florentine for breakfast for 4 might be reasonable - for OneMe it's too much too early!


Kim Lucas

Doesn't take into account allergies and intolerances, disgusting being an app made by public health England, there are thousands of people with different dietary needs, at least cover some with the app



Existing app observations

existing app@2x.png


No filter
No options for amount of mouths to feed

Recipe detail page
Hierarchy could be improved
Didn't fully understand what the star and cart meant
Alignment is off

  • No on boarding
  • Meal mixer is fantastic but needs clearer CTA
  • Shopping list toggle between recipes and aisles is brilliant
  • Seasonal tips should be on the homepage - what to eat this august…this months veggies
  • V top right unclear
  • Allergies - should be addressed in on boarding
  • Clearer search functionality
  • Enlarge text while cooking
  • 'One You - Easy Meals' should be an app that defaults to a portion of one.
  • Buggy on carousel
  • Nutritional value is difficult to know if this is good or bad
  • Ingredients are not aligned neatly


Competitor analysis


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

  • Servings drop down is good
  • Nutrition hidden behind a button
  • ‘I made it’ tick & notes is a nice touch
  • Personalised on boarding experience - what foods you like etc
  • Click 'search' gives the option to use filters
  • Filter - ‘Ready in’ swiper (no icons though)


Oh She Glows - Healthy Recipes

  • Scores out each step of the cooking process
  • Add notes *since this isn’t saved anywhere what would be the point
  • Filter your recipes based on dietary/allergy info, season, dish type, and more.
  • * See tips - helpful little titbits
  • Photography is phenomenal



  • Hierarchy is great 
  • I also like the fact they have reduced the size of the images
  • Top right ‘Ages’ is a useful button
  • Filter swipe from right is brilliant


Feature list


Home page

  • Seasonal ingredients of the month. 
  • Featured meal (time dependant)
  • Push the meal spin


  • Allergies
  • Icons
  • Same as on boarding experience


  • Serve alternator (1 Person default)
  • Tap to score out each step
  • Icons
  • Enlarge text while cooking
  • Align the ingredients
  • Explain what the and star & trolly is for
  • Nutritional value (Allrecipes hide it)

Additional features

  • Bigger & more appealing font
  • A bloody close functionality

Dodgy sketches!